Bitstrand builds and maintains cryptocurrency miners for our clients in an innovative way that puts the client in control. We payout profits quarterly in either USD or your preferred cryptocurrency.

What is bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining?

Bitcoin is a digital currency much like our US dollar, in that users can send and receive this digital currency to each other very quickly, and for usually very little cost. As of current day – $1 million dollars’ worth of bitcoin can be transferred with a transaction fee of just 1 cent.

The problem with converting a physical currency into a digital currency is what math wizards call “The Double Spending Problem”.

If I, Kyle, was to send my Mom 1 bitcoin, what is stopping me from telling the system to send that SAME exact bitcoin to someone else? This would duplicate the same bitcoin and create 2 bitcoins in the real world, and that would be really bad… rendering the system untrustworthy

Who checks these transactions and how can we trust that no one is tricking the system?

The solution: mining. Mining is used to keep transactions safe and reliable.

The goal of mining is to use your computer to verify transactions on the network. If you do this successfully, the network (aka Blockchain) will reward you with a predefined amount of that specific cryptocurrency you’re mining for.

Just like mining for real gold on a mountain, it takes a lot of estimating and man power.

Cryptocurrency mining is the same -thing, except a computer is doing the work.

The computer verifies millions of transactions per second and is rewarded for that process. These machines are earning money rewarded from the blockchain for helping the blockchain verify transactions.

This is one of the ideas behind what makes cryptocurrency so revolutionary. This simple idea allows people to conduct business without banks or middle men like Western Union.
Bitstrand mines cryptocurrencies with a powerful mining farm that can run around the clock 24/7. These mining farms are secure, cost-effective, and most importantly, – efficient at earning money.

Our service literally generates money for our clients through this process of cryptocurrency
mining. Anyone can start mining with our service and we put you in control of how you earn. You can select whether you want to earn US Dollar or Cryptocurrency — that you can hold and sell later in the year for higher profits.

Anyone can participate! 10 Slots will be available for you to participate in this opportunity starting Q2 of 2018. The money received from each slot participant will be used to order the latest custom components to build these powerful computers (aka rigs). We build 2 of the same miners for redundancy to maximize up-time.
The mining farms will be stored in a safe and secure location in Lakeland, and upkeep will be monitored by myself and the Bitstrand staff around the clock 24/7.

If you’re looking to participate but don’t want to get involved with the cryptocurrency market, you can choose to be paid out $2500 Quarterly per slot for up to 3 years – totaling $30,000.
Our slots only last for 3 years because the warranty on the equipment ends at that point and these machines do die off because this is a very power intensive process.
If you think blockchain and cryptocurrency will continue to grow as predicted by people like Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson, you can choose to have us send your mined cryptocurrency. These coins are sent to a wallet of your choosing through our easy-to-use website. Our website also allows you to select which coin you would like to mine.

Richard Branson has gone so far as to refer to blockchain as an “economic revolution”.

Bitstrand is unique in that we allow anyone to get into the mining game early , and earn cryptocurrency that can pay off big time in the future. We hand pick from the most profitable coins our machines can mine, and you, as the slot holder, choose from these coins. These coins are what the miners will be the most efficient at mining — as in they generate the most money daily. We use statistics, real-time market data, and trading experts to backup these coin selections to make it as easy as possible for you to profit.

Private video of the website in action

  • Ethereum (highlighted in green) – is a relatively safe coin to mine and is considered the next big thing by most people in the industry. It’s a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but has many beneficial features like smart contracts and escrow services. Its stands #2 in terms of market size behind bitcoin and has gained much momentum this past year. This is a very safe coin to mine.
  • Bitcoin Gold – is a medium risk / high reward coin in that it’s very new but has a large amount of support. This coin has a great developer team and is expected to rise over the next year as they have some big releases. This is still a safe bet, but holds slightly more risk if the team doesn’t deliver.
  • The Wildcard Coin – is a selected coin from our trading experts. I also personally help select which coin has the most potential over the next quarter. This is high risk / high reward situation. This coin will be a relatively easier coin to mine so that you can gain many of them quickly. If the value rises significantly, you will make a much higher return if you chose this coin to mine. This cryptocurrency also has the highest risk factor because you are taking a gamble on a brand-new project. If the company behind the coin fails to deliver, the coin price could crash and burn…
  • CASH MONEY – We can auto-sell earned coins at the end of each quarter and pay you out in USD. You’ll get a check in the mail every quarter of the year. Simple.

We send your earned cryptocurrency directly to a wallet of your choice that you can enter through our website. Once the coins are sent to your wallet at the end of a quarter, you are in complete control of your money. We are not your financial advisors, we do not advise you when to sell and when to hold. We will, however, make suggestions via an email sent out to slot holders every quarter. You can hold these coins for as long as you choose and then you sell them off on an exchange market whenever you decide it’s the right time. We can also help you with getting setup on the exchange market if you’ve never done that before.

We at Bitstrand want our slot holders to have an easy mining experience by allowing us to do all the leg work as we profit share with you our slot holders. If our machines are not making money, we are not making money, so the miners’ up-time is our top priority. We have a dedicated office space to manage extra heat and intensive electrical. We have custom designed cooling by my Engineer and Business Partner Brett. Also, electrical has already been setup by an electrical company from Orlando. We have a dedicated IT guy ( ME! ) who will be building and monitoring these miners to resolve any potential issues with any hardware. I wanted to note that these machines all have a 3-year warranty on the hardware from the manufacturer. I also want to note that our network security has been designed by a top security expert from Dell. He overlooks Dell’s cloud infrastructure and stops potential hackers daily, and he will be monitoring our network 24/7 as he works from home.

All of our miners will have a battery backup or UPS to protect from power surges and lightning.

This is what a mining farm looks like in its final form

Chris Larsen is the co-founder and former CEO of Ripple, which created the digital token known as XRP. He’s now one of the world’s richest billionaires, thanks to XRP’s incredible hot streak. Its value went from $0.25 a coin in mid-December to $3.16 as of Jan 4th. He personally holds 5.19 billion XRP. Making him the 5th richest person in the world surpassing the Wal-Mart family.

Soon, things like voting, real-estate, and healthcare will all be on a blockchain. IBM and Microsoft are both working on blockchain solutions as we speak. Arizona and Tennessee governors are working on bills that recognize cryptocurrency as a currency. Virgin Island Beach Government just backed a $500k grant to build a cryptocurrency mining farm. Officials in Africa pushing to adopt cryptocurrency in an effort to fix many of economic issues they face today. You can be a part of this economic revolution with Bitstrand!

Our proof of concept farm has already been built and tested for months now. Our online miner manager is complete and ready for launch. We have insurance to cover the equipment and an office building in which the equipment will be stored. My team and I have specified everything down to the last Watt for this project. Because we are getting ready to launch very soon, and we would like to invite you to join us on for this game changing opportunity.

As a slot holder you will have the chance to meet everyone on the staff including myself and also see the mining equipment first hand in Lakeland, Florida. You will receive my personal contact information if you ever have any questions or just want to discuss crypto.

This offer will only be presented to people in the Central Florida area, and we are only opening up 10 slots for our launch! Our current slot holders will have first choice in purchasing new slots as we scale into future.

This is a first come – first serve opportunity. If you are interested please reach out to me as we are accepting reservations now for our launch date – 04/01/18 (second quarter of the year).

We are opening up the opportunity to join us by obtaining a slot at the entry price of $10,000 each. The money received from each slot participant will be used to directly purchase the equipment needed to launch. These proprietary machines can’t be purchased alone, as they have to be custom built using parts sourced by a specialist like myself. Our mining rigs are all built with manufacturer guaranteed components and operate using Linux to maximize profits. Most importantly – Bitstrand’s mining rigs have already proven to be profitable for months now.

RememberYou will be paid out quarterly for 3 years, and you can obtain more than 1 slot if you would like to multiply your earnings. If you have any questions please reach out to Brett or myself. My contact information is below. Thank you for your time!

projected revenue per slot



  • 08/05/17 Build and test Prototypes

  • 12/01/17 setup Electric at Location

  • 01/20/18  launch site & sell 10 slots MAx

  • 03/20/18  Bitstrand miner manager live

  • 04/01/18 Begin Mining of 3 year contract

  • 07/01/18 first quarterly payout